[inSHAPE] is a long-term project. I release new installments at random intervals. The pieces will eventually be cut together to make a short film. Below is a description of the process behind making the film in progress.


The concept for [inSHAPE] began with these quick drawings of bizarre creatures stuffed into awkward spaces; the contours of their bodies defined by a predetermined shape. I drew them all in TV Paint, an animation software with a lovely timeline feature. Each character existed inside of one frame. After I drew about six of these creatures, I pressed play out of curiosity. The result was an underwhelming jumble of shapes, but the playback was enough to spark motivation to try a new concept.


I drew in-betweens to smooth out the animation from the original six drawing disaster. The outside shape was animated first. Then the circle of the eye was drawn to follow a specific path. However, I made no efforts to make the limbs, body, or head follow any certain pattern.

I enjoyed the result. The animation of the shape and eyeball was smooth and satisfying, while the detail inside the shape was random and chaotic.


After the initial concept, I started adding more structure to motion's design. The path of the shapes was pre-planned before I put any lines down. I chose simple paths for the eyeball to follow and drew a body shape around that while still stuffing limbs into the confining spaces.  I also let the pupil be affected by the momentum of the eyeball in which it resided. It felt goofy and fitting for the project. 



After all the experimenting, I now have a strict style guide for making these pieces of animation, and I make a new one whenever I find the time. Eventually, there will be enough to fill the short film. 

Until then, enjoy these bits.
I post to Twitter and Instagram whenever I create a new one.